Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

How to send tons of Customers from Instagram to your Restaurant? When it comes to food, people are using Instagram not just to document what they eat, they also use to decide where to eat. Here are some interesting facts for Restaurant owners to think about:

According a Research (2017) done by Zizzi

  • 18-35 years olds would spend 5 days browsing food images on Instagram.
  • 30% of those people would avoid the Restaurant, if they have a weak Instagram Presence
  • People check location tagged images and then they check if they can take an aesthetically pleasing photo
  • People see delicious-looking food photos on Instagram, and search where it is from. So, it is important to encourage your customers take pictures and share. See, if it resonates with them. This is how Modern Word-of-Mouth Marketing works.
  • People not only check your delicious looking food, they also check your menu online, most of the time they know the price
  • Vegetarians check if you have vegetarian options other than “boring” salad
  • So, this is where your Restaurant Menu comes to play. You need to make sure that you have Kids Meals, Vegan and Vegetarian options in your Menu did a research in 2017 asking Instagram Followers of Restaurants and Cafes why they follow certain Venues. Here are the Results :

  • 2.5% follow without any good reason. They may never visit your Restaurant
  • 40.5% of them follow, because they want to visit your Restaurant, but they are just checking what to eat
  • 38% Follow because they want to learn about your Restaurant and food
  • 19% of follow, because they are your existing customers and they want to visit again

Their answer to the question if they would spend money there?

  • 2.5% said, Basically, No
  • 38% said Maybe
  • 59.5% said Yes

As you can see from the numbers above, your Restaurant’s both Google Profile and Social Media Profile should look decent.

That is it for today. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please comment below

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